Being Born Again should not mean I can act stupid…

I was having a conversation with my friend William Pillai just a few minutes ago.   We were talking about some conversations we had in the past with protestants.  I should know, I was one of them.  They have a habit of wanting to oversimplify everything:

William: What do protestants say?

Bradlee: Are you born again?

William: Do you have Jesus?

Bradlee: Yes, do you know Jesus?

William: We both have Jesus, that’s all you need, what’s the problem?

Bradlee: But is your Jesus a stone idol?

Bradlee: Have you made Jesus into whatever you want him to be?

Bradlee: Yes, ask them how we got the Bible?

William: Yes

Bradlee: Well God gave it to us.

Bradlee: It just fell out of the sky into Luther’s lap???

Bradlee: Does being born again mean going back to second grade?

Is this really where God wants us?  Is this what he envisioned when he told his disciples to teach the whole world?  Is this how the entire body of Christ is supposed to function?  Are those who the church has assigned to be teachers no better than this?  Did Jesus call us to be his disciples?  Does he just want us to be parrots, quoting pseudo biblical cliches as an answer to everything?  Whatever happened to stepping into the shoes of the writers of Scripture, and see what happened from their perspective.  What about the actually written history of the Bible.  Which church actually did compile it into one book for the first time ever?


About bradleesargent

After 40 years as a Protestant, I converted in May 20, 2012 to Jesus' own one true holy and apostolic Catholic church which was the best thing I ever did apart from becoming a Christian in the first place. I am married to the beautiful Nadia, and have and enjoy a wonderful daughter Veronica.
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